Planned Maintenance 

A clean, bright property will always win out in the rental market against a scruffy one. With every scuff, chip or mark, the rental value decreases and your residual income is put at risk.  
Our planned maintenance service is designed to protect your investment, minimise your ongoing costs, lessen the likelihood of equipment breakdowns and reduce the vacancy time to an absolute minimum. 

Reactive Homeowner Repairs 

Small repairs, minor chips and scuffs, leaking taps, broken light fittings, all take up your valuable time, breaking into your valuable schedule and cutting into your income, therefore, we are here to take away the hassle for you. 
We act as your property agents dealing with enquiries, problems and issues in your properties. We provide maintenance works such as broken light fittings, mend taps, fix leaks and schedule more complex works on your behalf if needed and all you pay is a small weekly or monthly service fee. 

PAT Testing 

PAT testing is a vital part of satisfying a landlord or employer's duty of care. For many insurers, PAT testing is a condition of your insurance. 
Our qualified technician will test all the portable electrical equipment in the property.  
All items that pass the test are stickered and any that do not are reported to the landlord or agent. A report is supplied once the test is complete. 
Emergency Lighting Service: 
Emergency lighting can make the difference between life and death when trying to get out of a building as quickly as possible in an extreme situation. 
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires all commercial and public premises to have an emergency lighting system that complies with BS5266:2016, BS EN 60598-2-22 and BS 5499-10:2014 standards. As an landlord or employer, you have a legal duty not only to install emergency lighting, but to maintain and test it regularly. 
Our qualified technicians schedule regular emergency lighting services, give you peace of mind that these are regularly completed. We will also schedule a reminder service for you to ensure you are kept up to date. A certificate will be provided upon completion. 

Fire Alarm Services 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that all fire alarm and detection systems should be installed and maintained in accordance with the relevant British Standard BS 5839 and recommends that the fire alarm system is serviced at least every 6 months by a competent person. 
Over time, fire alarms and smoke detectors become less sensitive - 
alongside general faults, dust and grime can build up in the sensitive sensors and standby batteries begin to fade. Our qualified technicians schedule regular fire alarm services ensuring that smoke and heat detectors are tested, bells are sounded to confirm functionality and that they can be heard from all parts of the building. Fire panels, batteries, cable joints where accessible are checked for integrity. A certificate will be provided upon completion. 
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